Complex subject matter? Intricate technology? Hard as rocket science? 

Sounds like home to me. 

Even as technology today becomes more complex, B2B technology companies still have to tell powerful and compelling stories about their products and services. They still have to reach their customers and stakeholders – and communicate with them simply, directly and persuasively.   

Science & tech copywriting at its best, in other words, requires someone steeped in science & tech as well as copywriting. 

As a technical copywriter, I've written white papers, case studies, and other communications & collateral for both some of the world's biggest technology companies as well as promising startups in new and rapidly expanding fields. Subject matter has included supercomputing, robotics, big data and sustainable energy. Clips are available upon request.  

I am also an experienced science and technology writer (20 years for top publications like Wired, Technology Review, Discover, IEEE Spectrum, New Scientist and Scientific American) with formal scientific and technical training. (B.A., physics; M.S., astrophysics; supercomputer industry work exp.) I've also written whole books about complex, technical and research-intensive subjects (history of navigation & celestial mechanics, Shakespeare & early modern literature) that have been acclaimed for their page-turning enjoyability and thorough accessibility.  

Even if some of the material might be hard as rocket science – your readers will never know. I won't tell if you don't.    

Be in touch today to move your company ahead tomorrow.  

Mark Anderson
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Some of the industries and fields I've written about:  

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