Tech companies' copy (white papers, case studies, etc.) should be easy to read.

Clean. Straightforward. In plain language. 

Bad tech copy – filled with jargon & technobabble – just chases away readers.

And it chases away business.

Good tech copy helps generate leads and close sales.

As seen from the bottom line...



Good tech copy doesn't cost

Good tech copy pays


This page is for technology companies seeking a freelance writer of  white papers, customer case studies, brochure & web copy, articles, and other B2B content. 

I have extensive experience, over more than 100 assignments, of working with sources, editors and project managers to write clear, concise and straightforward copy about sometimes very difficult and technical subject material. 

I have degrees in physics & astrophysics and a long track record of writing engagingly for lay readers about cutting-edge technology

And I am good writer who's professional, smart, creative, a quick study, easygoing and easy to work with

Please contact me for your next tech copy writing opportunity.

I look forward to hearing from you!

                          – Mark



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