Articles over the years on the scientific and technological discoveries on the road to a functional, full-fledged quantum computer:

1) "Quantum Weirdness: Two Times Zero Doesn't Always Equal Zero": Researchers think they can extract quantum information from two noisy channels that are individually useless.  

An article for IEEE Spectrum on Aug. 1, 2008

2) An article for  the June 2007 issue of Discover magazine on the D-Wave quantum computer. (A computer that Google recently purchased and is pictured in the thumbnail image for this page, (cc) photo by Steve Jurvetson

3) A feature article for the Sept. 2001 issue of Wired magazine on the future of quantum computing: "Liquid Logic

4) An article for the April 20, 2001 issue of Science magazine about testing quantum computers. (Pictured here. Click on page to enlarge.) 

5) "Binary a Bit Behind Quantum Math," on the Jan. 2001 Quantum Information Processing conference in Amsterdam for

6) "Quantum Quest: An End to Errors," a second story for on the 2001 Amsterdam QIP conference

7) "Quantum Physics Meets the Qubit," a third story for on the 2001 QIP

8) "Quantum Leap: Seize the Light," an article for on Jan. 9, 2002 on discoveries in quantum information storage

9) "Quantum Mechanics' New Horizons," an article for on July 2, 2001 on the Quantum Applications Symposium