writing white papers and other strategic content for advanced technology companies


I speak STEM

There’s a good chance that your company’s technology requires real technical expertise to intuitively “get.”

Which means if you’re hiring an engineer, you’d probably want somebody who’s well grounded in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Why shouldn’t that criterion be just the same for your copywriter?

My name is Mark Anderson. I write white papers and other strategic copy for Fortune 100 tech firms and startups in transformative technology industries like EVs, vehicle autonomy, renewable energy, AI, computer vision, robotics and HPC. For 20+ years my science and technology journalism has also appeared in some of the world’s top sci-tech publications.

I have a graduate-level education in physics, I’ve worked as a supercomputer programmer, I’m a contributing editor to a leading engineering publication, too.

Let’s turn your company’s transformative technology into incisive content that highlights your core message.

That begins with a copywriter who “gets” your technology — someone who writes well and has done the math.

If you have a white paper, case study or other strategic content project coming up, reach out and let's discuss your project.