• “Startup Aims to 3D Print Cheaper, Lighter Rockets”: Relativity Space has signed a lease with NASA and plans to test its first 3D-printed rocket in a flight next year. An article for IEEE Spectrum on June 12, 2019

* “3D Metal Printing Tries to Break Into the Manufacturing Mainstream”: Companies like Desktop Metal aim to go beyond airplane parts and medical implants. An article for IEEE Spectrum on Mar. 27, 2019

* “This 3D Printing Technique Is 100 Times Faster Than Standard 3D Printers”: The process involves two types of LEDs and a specially-engineered chemical resin. An article for IEEE Spectrum on Jan. 23, 2019

* "This is Just the Beginning": A feature story about the revolutionary potential of 3D printing -- for the August 2013 issue of Delta Sky magazine (below, click on each page to see up close)

* "3D Printing Movie Props": A story for the April 2013 issue of IEEE Spectrum: 

(cc) thumbnail image by oskay ; Iron Man image (c) Marvel Entertainment