My job is to translate complex, technical material – concerning new research, new ideas, new technologies and new products – into simple, compelling, accessible writing. 

I write articles, books, white papers, case studies and other technical & business copy.

If you're looking for a sharp, resourceful and easygoing professional writer for your next project – a writer with 20 years experience, thorough scientific training (M.S. in physics/astrophysics) and loads of good clips – please contact me.  



Technology & business copywriting – white papers, case studies, brochures, articles, website copy, etc. – is about communicating sometimes technical and dense material in crisp, clear and straightforward language. Standing out from the crowd is the challenge. Engaging readers is the goal. Words are the medium. This is what I do. 

As a technical copywriter, I've written white papers, case studies, and other communications & collateral for companies large and small. As a journalist, I've written for many of the leading science & tech publications in the English speaking world. (See adjacent column.) 

In the words of some recent clients: "A job well-done. It wasn’t easy getting up to speed on our company's technology, and Mark's work reflected our needs perfectly."

And... "Mark has the unique ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and distill them down to approachable, compelling, well written prose."

And... "He is proactive, very quick to learn, understands client requirements and delivers professional results. I am very pleased with his work."

And... "a consummate professional."

For samples and more information, see this website's "Copywriting" page – or just click here


Since 1993, I have written more than 100 articles across the spectrum of science, technology and digital culture for some of the top publications in the field (see roster below). My archive of clips reveals I am a quick study, promptly homing in on the big ideas and key players behind each story. And even with complicated subject matter – reviewing string theory books, anatomizing smartphone CPUs, unpacking network theory, uncovering the future of personal genomics – the copy is still compelling and engaging for the lay reader. 

Beats: portables, robotics, imaging, data, energy, 3D printing, genomics, nanotechnology, quantum information/cryptography/computing, superfluids & superconductors, CPU design & optimization, networks, high-performance computing, digital culture, controversial ideas, history of science 

Where my articles have been published: 



I have written two booksThe Day the World Discovered the Sun (Da Capo Press, 2012; 2013 American Book Fest “Best Book” award winner) & "Shakespeare" by Another Name (Gotham Books, 2005). Both transform dry, technical, scientific & academic source material into gripping, page-turning reads.

"Truly excellent"
      –New Scientist

"Especially impressive"
      –Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

"[An] excellent account... Arresting... Anderson serves up a rich broth of details"

"Highly recommended"

"A heck of a yarn"

 "Clever and very entertaining"

"Makes a convincing argument"
       –USA Today 

"An armchair travel adventure"
         –Roanoke Times 

"A scientific adventure tale"
         –Kirkus Reviews

"A fine combination of popular science and real life adventure"

"[An] exciting tale – part detective story, part history of science"
       –Publishers Weekly 

"Deserves serious attention"
     –New York Times 



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